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I threw out my back and they were kind enough to squeeze me in at the last minute and my treatment immediately helped. I would recommend to anyone!!

I went to Whole Chiro for a knee problem. Dr. Hyland seemed more interested in getting me into yoga than the fact it hurt for me to walk. He told me my problem was in my foot, which part of the problem might have been. However, it turned out that was only part of the problem and it got worse

The staff at Accent on Health makes going to the doctor a fun and pleasurable experience. Dr. Bohn is an amazing doctor who really cares about his patients health and happiness. He treats a very wide variety of health problems and is not limited to back problems. I recommend Dr. Bohn to

Dr. Douglas Miller is a professional, highly experienced, pleasant chiropractor. He is very informative. I was skeptical at first, but now wish I had come for his treatment much earlier. I am very encouraged with my progress. He has reduced my pain substantially. I would highly recommend Dr.

Outstanding service from the time you step into the office, until you leave. Dr. Nicolas is patient and willing to explain all treatments received. Excellent follow-up from this employees! Highly recommend him to others!

I don't know why this was listed as a chiropractor. This place is actually a Hindu temple. While I am not a Hindu, I have followed my Hindu friends to this.

The office assitances are wonderful! His staff is welcoming and patient. Dr. Martin is easy going and very informative! It is a very relaxing and comfortable office.

Dr. Paris performs miracles with his hands daily. He knows exaclty what it takes to make you feel better. I go in in pain and walk out relieved. He cares about his patients and it shows.

I can't say enough good things about Dorothy Dalton. I've been to several different chiropractors in the past and she is the best. She takes the time to examine you first rather than use a?one-size-fits-all? approach, and will recommend exercises to keep you in shape after the appointment.

EXCELLENT. I have fibromyalgia and have been to at least 20 chiropractors. Dr. Piering is definitely the best chiropractor I've been to in this area. He adjusted me on my first visit and is friendly withouth making you wait in the waiting room for long. I also took my mother-in-law to him when

I've been seeing Dr. Stuckey on & off for over a year. It's always pleasant to enter the office and be greeted by name by one of the friendly staff. Dr. Stuckey pays attention to what's going on and you don't feel like he's rushing on to the next patient. I highly recommend him. Barb

I have to thank Brian & Introspective Fitness for really going above & beyond my expectations. Not only did I lose weight, but I kicked the pain from a back injury with the careful and prudent program I was put on. Brian even wrote workouts for me to follow on the days I am not training with

Dr. Roeder is the best chiropractor in the Baltimore area. His technique is unlike any other chiropractor in the area, and he gets results!

Dr. Hollenberg is an outstanding Chiropractor and he has been my doctor for four years. He has established a very efficient operation where patients can be served with minimal wait times as their schedule permits. His hours are flexible and designed to support early morning and late evening

I discovered Dr. Loeb in 1999 after a decade of severe back problems. Medical doctors advised me to learn to live with the pain I had. No doctor/specialist could even diagnose the problem. Dr. Loeb was able to identify and alleviate most of the problems I experienced and enable me to become

Would not hesitate to recommended Moss Chiropractic to anyone. Caring, dedicated staff whose sole purpose in life is to help you feel better :) and they do a great job if it!

Truly great Chiropractor! The office might be a little dated but the service is top notch. I have been seeing Dr. Sherry for years for all my little aches.

Dr. Frieman is fast if you want, or talks with you if you want. He knows the spine, and what makes it better. Located near intersection of joppa rd, and satyr hill (old harford rd), in the North Plaza Mall (Ross, Superfresh, KMart, Rugged Warehouse).

Solidarity! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!That's it. That's my review.

I have gone here since September 2007 and I still make the 30 minute drive to come here. Dr. Lindauer and Dr. DeMaio are very good and caring.

Been seeing him for six years and he is always willing to take the time to explain whats going on and why. Is reilable in sending you on to an MD if need. Doesn't try to just take your money see you next week

Nice doctor, excellent care and professional staff. What more can you ask for.

I was not well for 2 years. Medical specialists couldn't figure it out. Went to Dr. P and was my old self by the next day! Hard to believe but true. I would and have recommemded her to many folks. Dr. P is my angel.

I recommend many of my clients to Dr. Horne - he is a very skilled Chiropractor, and uses complementary therapies.

Our son told us how great Dr. Johnson is and how he helped him so I decided to change and give Dr. Johnson a try. I was having lower back pain and started coming in once a week and now I feel great. I now come in once a month for a cehck up and my lower back still feels great. Dr. Johnson has

The staff is friendly and very accomodating. Dr Palmiter does not waste time getting the patients in and the service is great. She will have you realigned in no time.

Yeah, I had lots of low back pain because of my job and also suffered from constipation. Dr. Lankerani really helped. He also taught me how to prevent these problems from occuring again. Highly recommended!

I went to just about every doctor you could imagine and finally found Dr. Rosa. He was the only one that was able to take time work with my primary care doctor and find a solution. His staff is outstanding and I have reffered friends and family to his clinic. He is a top notch doctor and overall

And really cares to take his time. Magic hands make you feel so much better!

Dr. Chuck really gets to know his patients and their needs. He treats the whole issue not just the aches and pains. He is up to date on the newest features, and is willing to give his patients that extra mile. He has treated me for several years now, and I have been migraine free for the past

I would be hard pressed to explain exactly how it works, but Dr. Rosenberg's treatment has been transforming. I feel better, look better, am better!

I was breezing through town and Dr. Muneses was able to see me immediately. I see chiropractors regularly, and if I lived in Baltimore, this would be the office I go to.

Dr. Asher Rodregues is very personable and helpful. Goes the extra mile to serve his patients well. I was referred to him by two good friends from Baltimore who swear by his methods. I first started going there in the early 90's and returned after another incident (allergies). Both cases were

I've been seeing Dr. Mahoney since June 2007. The ONLY reason why I have to find another chiropractor is because I'm moving to Atlanta, GA! The office personnel are friendly and professional. Dr. Mahoney takes the time to get to know all of his patients and refers to everyone by their name,

I have been to other chiropractors before. Dr. Colquitt is very caring and understanding of my pain and discomfort. I would recommend him to everyone. And his staff is extremely caring and professional. A++++++

Dr. Ring is perhaps the consummate chiropractor! He is extremely intuitive, knows and applies a vast depth of knowledge to his patients, and is very personable and professional. I have brought my family to him for various problems over the years since he opened his practice, and he has been

The name is Chiropractic Centre and D Shinkle does a fantastic job! I have been going for years and swear by her work.

He's a great Chiropractor, very professional, very human. I already had very bad experiences in the past. But he went way beyond my expectations. As a person, as a chiropractor, he's incredible. he's makes you feel important as a patient not just as the cash cow (and its hard to find somebody

Yaah! Dr. F! After seeing five unhelpful, unsympathetic, unconcerned chiropractors who only lived to suck my wallet dry, I found Dr. F who is very.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Great Doctor. I highly recommend treatment from Dr. Brenner. I had never gone to a chiropractor. I was sureI would just live with pain or surgery. Thankfully, now, I can go on with life without the pain that I used to live with. A co-worker raves about her treatment

Dr. Lindsell is a great person and a fantastic chiropractor. Its amazing to have a medical professional that will really listen to your concerns. I have had a lot of improvement in my back and neck pain since seeing Dr. Lindsell and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone. If you

Dr. T is great at what he does. I have been going to chiropractors all my life and he is a good one.

We met Dr. Young at our birthing class last winter. She does general chiropractic care but also has special equipment and training to work with preggos.

I didn't realize how good a chiropractor Dr. Fish was until I left the East Coast and tried to find a new chiropractor. None can hold a candle to Dr.

Love it here! Dr Touze and Dr Muneses are helping us to feel better with every visit. They look you in the eye when they speak to you and LISTEN to what you say. Both are caring and educated and design your sessions to your specific needs. The staff is so friendly and wonderful, you can be

Dr. Dragan is amazing! He is very kind and welcoming but proffesional at the sametime and will let you know exactly what he can do to help you. I feel 100 times better since ive seen him.