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First off, I've never been to a chiropractor. I was in a car accident and came to dr hodne with severe lower back pain and spasms. After a month of treatment I felt great! She is truly a fabulous chiropractor. Very professional and very kind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR HODNE!

Would definitely recommend! I had an accident while lifting heavy weights at the gym on a Saturday, I felt like my neck snapped. I was browsing online that night for a chiropractor, where I found out about Beacon chiropractic. I emailed her the next morning on a Sunday after still having constant

I have been going to Framingham Chiropractor for almost 20 years. I receive treatments for back pain in regards to a herniated disc in my low back. Without the Chiropractic adjustments that I have received over the years, I would be in a lot of pain and discomfort. But when I am able to keep

I had a very good experience at this office. I was helped with neck, shoulder and arm pain and I was seeing results within 4-6 visits. I heard very good things about the office and I decided to give them a try and I am glad that I did!

Dr. Kowacki provides highly skilled, comprehensive, and informative chiropractic care in a spotless yet comfortable setting.

This office is amazing. They offer really great service and Chiropractic techniques that are scientifically based and really work!

Excellent service in a friendly atmosphere. Bottom line- I got great results in a matter of two weeks. Thanks Dr. Pat and everyone else at Harvard Square Chiropractic!

Convenient location, professional staff. Great help for my pinched lower back nerve! Highly recommended.

Gabrielle is a friendly Dr. and is both caring and informative with all her patients.

I've had problems with my back since high school, and now that I'm in my final year at Northeastern I've gone to quite a few chiropractors. I left my last.

Dr. Stefos is an excellent chiropractor and very dedicated to her profession. She works together as part of a team with Dr. John Kulig and Dr. Roberta Jaeger. They are all great and very thorough, meticulous and skilled. I have been going there for years and don't know what my life would be

The doctor is very nice and professional. I would recommend people to the office

Best massage I've ever had. Very knowledgable. Had a longterm problem with my hip, for years couldn't find anyone who could figure it out. I went to Back Pro's, had a treatment from George, followed his advice and have been pain free ever since. I highly recommend his services. Thanks George!

I went to Indek Chiropractic to see Dr. Bruce due to a disc problem that I did not want surgery for. After 4 weeks of care I am amazed. The leg pain and back pain are 80% better and my life is returning to me. Wow I can sleep on my side again. His office is caring and warm. It is the kind of

I was initially referred to Ezrin Family Chiropractic by my dentist for treatment of TMJ, however his treatments have gone well beyond that area. After x-rays and a thorough patient history, Dr Ezrin determined the best treatment regimen, took the time to explain why the problem exists and

Christina is Great! She did a wonderful job working on the issues I had with my neck and back. I was in a lot of pain when I started and now I'm doing great! She has even worked with me to get rid of chronic headaches I have had for years!

Dr Kendra is a very professional and caring chiropractor. If you are considering Chiropractic I would highly recommend Dr Kendra.

Before I saw Dr Lubin I felt like a crumpled bag of poo. My butt was numb, I was tripping all the time and my neck was stiff. It turned out that my spinal.

Dr Clifford Winn is best chiropractor that I have ever have gone too. His technique and personality make the visit enjoyable.

I love going to Aldenville Chiropractor. I've been a patient of Dr. Sampson's off and on for about 14 years. He takes the time to answer questions and if, by chance, I have an extremely bad day, he will take me in to help relieve the pain I'm having. It's a great place and it's a very relaxing

Doctor D. is the first chiropractor I have been to that works on you problem. She does not over work your back. You will feel very comfortable with her style. Great Chiropractor!

Great doctor. Flexible hours. Really cares about patients. He saw me outside of normal business hours to meet my needs. Best doctor I have even had - bar none.

This is a man that knows what he is doing.i have gone to others that don't do anything till they look at xrays.this man has been doing this so long he can tell what wrong just by feelling the area that you say hurt.if in the attlboro area would very higly recommend this doctor for any chiro

Dr. Maureen Gormley is worthy of my complete trust. I have been seeing her for well over ten years. I have several significant problems with my back, neck and vision including what was, before being treated by Dr. Gormley, severe sciatica. I now simply go in for precautionary adjustments three

I highly recommend Dr. Scott Fuller. When I moved back to this area I was looking for a chiropractor that had certain credentials, technique and specialty.

Dr. Madore generally uses a painless adjustment technique, utilizing a small adjustment tool. After years of often painful manual adjustments, finding him and his technique was a joyous relief. My L3-L4-L5 area is bad but I am trying to avoid surgery. Of course, even at 64, I still want to

I came into Dr. Fischer's office on a refferal from a friend. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the clerks were friendly and personable. The doctor was interested in my problems and wanted to help me find a solution. we set up my treatment plan, to my convinience. When paying, the clerks

Dr. Duca is the BEST chiropractor in N.E.! I first started seeing him for 3 times a week when I moved to Massachusetts in 1988. I suffer from a small form of scoliosis and he has been a life saver! I used to have to wear an insert in my left shoe to straighten my posture due to my left leg

I love Bristol Square chiropractic. I go to Dr. Bien and she is amazing. She can tell by touching me where I hurt and by the time I leave I am feeling so.

I've been going to Dr. Feiring for many years, and have had excellent results. I used to have recurring back pain, and often it was very severe. But I've had no attacks since I've been seeing him, and am very pleased with the service he provides. Also, I've recommended him to friends/coworkers

I've been seeing Dr. Moncton at Westboro Spine & Holistic Health Center for about a year now. After seeing my medical doctor, an orthopedist, and tests after tests for unexplainable causes of my pain. I was told there was nothing they could identify was wrong with me. Instead of treatment,

Staff in Pediatrics is wonderful. They really are kind, caring, and professional. They know how to make a visit to the doctors comfortable and easy. If you are searching for a Doctor, I highly recomend Riverbend!

This looks like a duplicate business entry so I copied my review from the other one:I first went to Dr. Miller a few years ago when I had a very stiff and.

Halligan Family Chiropractic is owned and operated by Doctors Chris and Jill Halligan, a couple with two children, and is a very family-friendly practice.

Dr. Guy is great and his staff are some of the nicest people i've ever met. I've never felt better! Very highly recommended!

Dr. Jones is awesome. I was unable to walk and he helped be able to walk. I love him.

Ive been going to Deep Tissue Therapeutics with massage therapist Maryann Reid for two years now. When I first started with her I would wake up in the morning and barely be able to get out of bed. Im now back to my exercise program, working with a personal trainer, doing yoga AND pilates, and

Dr. Deb is patient, understanding and fills your needs. She works to help you feel better by massage, ultrsound, tens and correct ecercises to imporve your condition. She teaches you how to properly align your back to avoid injury. Her assistant Judy is very competent and returns phone calls

I suffered horribly for 8 months and thru 4 chiropractors before I found this office. If traditional chiropractic isn't working for you, you should make an appt. with this office. I had nearly given up all hope and thought I would spend the rest of my life in pain. They practice a special type

Dr. Flanagan provides excellent patient care and is truly committed to impoving the overall health of his patients.

I was experiencing a lot of headaches as a result of neck tension. After an appointment with Dr. Ermilio, I felt so much better. He's the only chiropractor I trust going to.

Alright massage, but got no releif for my back pains

Dr Howard helped me with my back when he was in Fitchburg, I continued to see him when he moved to Sterling and always did the best for my back problems.

I have never felt so well or so blessed as under their care

I went to Melissa for years and years until I moved away from MA. She is just wonderful.kind, funny, and makes you feel great after every visit.

A place that offers chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition therapy and exercise therapy all in one. What a great idea.

If you are looking for a chiropractor, then this is the place to go! Very Friendly, Knowledgable, Caring and easy to get to their office. Their Goal is for you to be well without constantly returning for more appointments. Listens to You! Has evening hours so you do not have to leave work.

He is a very pleasant person to talk to and very professional in his work. I have gone to some other chiropractors in the past and my opinion is that he is one of the best around.

Very professional and caring to my needs.

Called in with severe pain, seen 2 hours later, walked out feeling great! Fabulous facility, friendly staff, great chiropracter! If you need a chiropracter Dr. Psichopaidas is your man.