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HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chris Maffit DC! I have been searching for a top chiropractor in St. Louis with extensive education, experience and one who also specializes in treating athletes- and I have found him! I've been to multiple chiropractors and he is by far the very best. I love the unique

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wahl for a few years now. My health is the best it’s been for 15 years. I’ve had issues that I thought I would live with the rest of my life that I nowexperience relief from. He genuinely cares about people’s health and is a expert at his profession.

Dr. Chris continues to work miracles on my back! Always professional and super knowledgeable!! Multiple car accidents, bulging discs, back spasms and a series of ineffective treatments with other doctors....I found Dr. Chris and I have been a long time patient (5+years)... he keeps me an

I have great respect for Dr. Andrew Bedell, Doctor of Chiropractic, his staff and Susan Bennett, Family Nurse Practitioner for listening, their compassion for helping people, giving me relief from pain and directing me to non-surgical help.

Dr. Sean Rogan is the best chiropractor in Blue Springs! I had gone to two other "good" clinics in Blue Springs. One doctor talked to me for 5 min, poked on me for 2 min, then laid me down a "cracked my back". No X-rays, Not even an explaination of what was wrong with me. I felt worse when

Delta Spinal Care has saved my life! After starting treatment with Dr. Flory in December, I have stopped taking many of the medications that were needed to control my daily headaches and weekly migraines. I have also made great progress in my fibromyalgia and have a significant improvement

Are you tired of being in constant pain? Have you tried just about everything, getting some relief but then it stops working and or your finances are exhausted along with you? That too was me until one day, while researching to find help for my cervical, sciatica pain, and herniated discs,

I had sciatica and was going to physical therapy, I was still in pain until I found Delta Spinal. Dr. Chris is very understanding and wanted to find the cause of the pain. He did, he also explains the treatment in detail and makes you feel comfortable and part of the process. I have recommended

I was due to have a cervical fusion last week and the Dr. cancelled a week prior saying I was high risk since I had a heart attack in October and was on blood thinners. My Cardiologist wouldn't take me off the thinners so I had no options. My brother went through the NUCCA process where they

I was in alot of pain and doctors told me there was no hope and that I would have to take pain pills so I went online and found Delta Spinal Care. I went and met Dr. Flory, he told me he could help me, so he began to work on my head. Light touches no snapping or popping just light touches.

From the moment you enter the door of Delta Spinal Care, you will know you are in a very special doctor's office. Smiling staff greet you by name. The sound of water in an indoor pond sets a relaxing tone. There is good reading material available in the waiting room, which is an open space

I had pain in my hips while sleeping for many years....thanks to Delta Spinal Care I no longer have that issue! The staff is awesome!! Super Nice!

Frequent Migraine Headaches Ended! I would like to give you a great big hug and thank-you for the wonderful care that I have always received here at the WellnessOne. When I first came to your office, I was a little skeptical about the need for Chiropractic care. You hear so much from people

Loved Dr. Rogers! She is a verly lovely woman and I enjoyed every minute of my time there. I have been having back problems ever since my car accident 5 years ago leaving me stiff and in pain. I have gone to a few different docotors and I would have relief for a few hours. With her treatments

Dr. Wittock made me the nicest pair of custom orthotics that I have ever owned.

I had been suffering with pain for a long time and it was becoming unbearable. My family member told me to go see dr. maurer and his staff and now i can function at a higher level. My pain is compelety gone. I would reccomend this office to everyone who is in need of pain relief.

This is the best Chiropractor I've ever been to. The guy keeps me feeling great. If you live around the KC area, and need a chiropractor look Doc Gray up.

I love the massages by Ron and Jennifer! You two are the best! Thanks for the great professional services!

Dr. Powers is an amazing Chiropractor. I've had back problems on and off since a high school sports accident. The pain comes and goes. I'd never been to a Chiropractor about it but had been to multiple MDs. The MDs all said there was nothing they could do after multiple X-Rays they couldn't

Great Doctor, Exceptional Care. Really a nice guy. Takes time to know his patients and their health conditions. NOT a cookie cutter place, everyone gets personalized care.

I have been getting help from Dr. Wheat for about three years. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell that his primary concern is to help you recover. He is also very funny and makes an effort to really explain your situation, which is a problem I have had with other chiropractors. I would

Dr. Carney is a low volumed family physician. I feel when I come for my appointment, he is there looking out for my best interest, no matter which path that may go to get to the root of my problem. Thanks Dr. Carney

I was in a car wreck 20 yrs ago and injured my neck. The results didn't show up for years, but the doctor adjusted me and brought me back to health with excellent care.

I have used ABC Chiropractic several times,it is a friendly and a great place for your Chiropractic needs.

Great Chiropractor! A little cool as far as personality but as far as expertise he really knows what he's doing. I'd been to several chiropractors before Teeples not one of them did me any good. Teeple got to the root of my problem the first time and it only took a few more sessions for me

I have never met, or been to a Doctor that is more concerned about my health and well being than Dr. Elizabeth. She is MORE concerned to get me feeling well, than the high prices that other Doctors tack on! She is working with us financially and is extremely reasonably priced, almost to a fault.

I've been seeing Dr. Carraher for a couple months now. I feel better then I have in many years. Give him a try, you will be glad you did! The supplements I get from him are a Godsend. Cheryl

I suffered from migrane headaches since I was three years old! I went to New England Chiropractic because I had lower back pain. They fixed the lower back pain and funny thing, my migranes went away also! They are honest about their treatments! I did the rountine with another Chiropractor before

Very Professional. It made great sense to go to a Chiropractic Orthopedist for our Orthotics

I just have to say.Dr. Nathan was my doctor 6 years ago and took excellent care of me. I moved to Texas but now that I'm back in town for a week, I'm relieved he's still here and that I can make an appt with him. Several of my co-workers also sought his care and were well pleased.

These are a great bunch of people! My neck and back feel so much better since I started seeing Dr. Zach. They are always so warm and friendly and make you feel like part of the family.

My fiance recently went here when his back went out. Hinz is careful, calming and he knows what he's doing. Afterwards my fiance felt so much better.

Excellent care and results. I was really leery of chiropractics, but Jeff Spencer won me over. His methods are straight forward and he listens then includes you in on everything he is thinking. I'm very grateful to have discovered his clinic and after two years of NO PAIN, I can vouch that

Immediate relief. Very professional. No waiting for appointment.

Been to a few chiropractors before. They are honest and straightforward here. I recommend them. This is not the place that just tries to line you up on a long term regimen.

I was recomended to Dr. Wilds after going to another Dr. with no luck, after 2 sessions with this Dr. I was up and going. What I like best, is that Dr. Wilds will do what is needed and not ask you to continue to come back. We have refered freinds and family with very good results. By results

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I had shoulder pain, doctor Johnson adjusted me and I had no more pain. He told me how to keep my shoulder pain free. I see him now at least once a month for wellness care,He can help you to.

They are very professional and understanding of each individuals needs


Dr. Gould started practicing chiropractic and holistic healing in Chicago and her services are missed. I recommend her for straightforward holistic advice.

I got a staple a couple of weeks ago and have lost 3 pounds. Dr. McDonnell went over all the information before he inserted it in my ear - was just like a.

Last time I went to Columbia, I was having problems with some upper back pain. Got in immediately to see Matthew White, DC, and was very pleased with the.

Dr. McDonald is phenomenal. His assessment of your condition and needs is superb and thorough. He has extensive knowledge and is not an in and out give me money kind of physician. He truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him.

I believe Dr. Davis is perhaps the greatest chiropractor ever. Dr. Davis is excellent and very honest.

I have been to several chiropractors and none of them compare to Dr. Loyd. The others would just adjust me every time I went in. I never got any better. They would just ask me where it hurt and only adjust that area. Dr. Loyd had a plan for my treatment and helped me get better so I didn't

Dr. K is a great doctor. Too bad the competition can't handle that.

A wonderfully friendly place. Felt welcome and comfortable as soon as I walked in. Also it was nice on this hot missouri day to be greeted with a bottle of water.

I think Dr. Curtis has no clue as to what he is doing. He hurt me more than helped. He seems to have quite a scam going. Crack your back them you need a spa treatment by some lady who charges double the cost of most and does a bad job. I will and would not ever go to this scam office again.

Dr. Armbruster is a very Compassionate and Caring Doctor, He has helped be with: Headaches, Neck Pain, and Low Back Pain! I Feel so Much Better Now! I would not hesatate to recommend him to others!