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The service I received at Becker Chiropractic was top notch. I was really impressed with the technology and information the office had. Dr. Becker tries to teach health instead of just what to do if your sick. You can tell he really wants you to be healthier for the rest of your life. I strongly

Kepler Family Chiropractic is a family friendly wellness clinic that works to educate others within the community about heath, proper nutrition, and a good exercise regime. The clinic holds monthly dinner presentations to promote healthy living. Join us for one of our dinners and learn more

I met with Mr. Hoogeveen when my wife had an appointment. He explained a couple of issues my wife was having in a very straightforward and easy to understand way. His office staff were very pleasant and easy to deal with. I appreciated his honest and open approach, and am currently trying to

This gym is the worst gym i have ever been to. The only time i could go is late at night but there was never anyone else there, and I didnt feel safe there so i think i used my membership maybe 3 times. Well they wouldnt let me out of my contract so i continuted to pay every month. My membership

I went to John as a last resort because I had not found relief in 'conventional' medicine. After seeing John for a while, I rarely have any issues unless I have an injury of course. Even with that, he is there to help. John is very accommodating of your schedule and more than willing to go

Dr. Earhart is fantastic. I first visited 12 years ago. The office is well organized and you get in and out.

I use to have headaches 3 or 4 times a week now I'm lucky if I have one once a month. Now I go through life without pain and taking medicine.

Pushes vitamins to treat medical conditions. Wants patients to come forever.

An experience with chiropractic that is truly a testimony to the validity of the profession. Dr. Earhart is very educated and talented. He truly cares about his patients.

It's the whole experience! Incense, soothing music, massage and adjustments. I've recommended so many people and no one has been disappointed. She's amazing!

Dr. Faimon provided excellent service, and was very courteous.

Dr. Mike is great. The service is fast, I can be in and out in 10 minutes and the staff are always warm and welcoming.

First, Dr Japp has been replaced by Dr Goss, whose technique and expertise i've entrusted not only my own care, but my Wife's AND our Son's. Dr Goss is interested in healing and maintaining health through the body's natural abilities rather than prescribing the latest remedy promoted by the

Dr. Jacobs takes great care to diagnose source of pain.asking a lot of questions and actually listening (rare quality these days). I felt very comfortable and confident in his care. Best of all - my pain disappeard within two weeks and has not returned.

Awesome Chiropractic doctor and staff. I highly recommend. Saved my life just about.

I have been a client at Tranquility Chiropractic for about 10 years. They have literally kept me alive, and able to work, when MDs have been too busy to listen or make accurate and adequately diagnoses. I am a former professional dancer (and was an athlete many years ago) and Dr Ward ranks

This is their website, it tells so much more.