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Dr. DeGorter is very knowledgeable especially when it comes to incorporating functionality with his practice. After a month of seeing him my pain from a herniation in my lower back has reduced substantially and would highly recommend.

Most professional and pleasant office. Dr. Jonathan takes the time to listen and put a plan of action to resolve your issues. Highly recommend this practice especially for sports enthusiasts.

I am a Chiropractor in Georgia and sent my dad who lives in NY to see Dr. DeGorter after an injury at work. Dr. DeGorter's skill and expertise in active release technique, graston therapy, cold laser and Chiropractic makes him a well rounded practitioner with all the tools needed to help patients

So full of himself. Get ready to be given a reading assignment- He wrote a book and feels quite good about himself. Because he's published he seems to believe he has all the answers for your health and well being( he wont listen to what you say about how you feel) and therefore will recommend

Both Drs Lupo & Saladino are caring and competent professionals who treat each patient as a friend. I have been a patient for over 20 years and highly recommend both of them.

I have been treated both by Dr. Lupo and Dr. Saladino in their Middle Island Office for many years. The treatment and compassion they show their patients are unparalleled. I have always been greeted with a warm smile and never rushed thru treatments. What stands out in this practice is their

Would not recommend to anyone. There are so many better chiropractors out there that actually care about their patients. These doctors are more concerned with getting as many people in and out in the day to expand their wallets. Waiting time is horrible, doctor seems to ALWAYS be behind

One morning I woke up with a horrible neck pain. I couldn't turn my head to the left nor to the right. Every time I tried to turn my head, I'd experienced a shooting pain throughout my neck. The First day I did everything I was told to do by my relatives and friends, hoping the pain would be

Before I found Dr. Baiata, my hands were in so much pain that I could not even wash my hair without experiencing a searing heat up through my arms. I went to four different neurologists who told me an operation was inevitable. So I tried acupuncture, with no results. I hadn't been able to work

I have been seeing Dr. Kevin Phalen for over 5 years. I have very serious spine problems, and frequent chiropractic adjustments have helped to keep me out of a wheel chair. I also had very severe problems with asthma, but now rarely have a flare-up or need my resuce inhaler. The staff are always

Cynthia Roe, a masseuse in this complex. Helped me through my back injury. Gave great suggestions for stretches and therapy. Works most evenings. Well worth the price!

Back n' Touch provides chiropractic, massage therapy, shiatsu, and accupuncture services. I have been able to schedule the chriopractic work right after my massages and the difference is enormous. The adjsutments go deeper and hold longer. The owner and staff are exceptionally courteous and

I had never been to a chiropractor so I didn't know what to expect. I had been experiencing really bad back pain and sciatica for some time. All my family doctor did was give me pain pills which made me sick and unable to function. A friend recommended Dr. Kohl so I went. I was given a very

The Doctors are concerned, pateint, and vaules their Injuries in performing the patenits back to good Health!

Dr. Sipp, is the best. He has been practicing for over 40 years. He listens to the patient and knows what he is doing. He also has a great sense of humor. He does not tell patients that they need 40 treatments if they only need one or two, unlike some scavengers who call themselves chiropractors.

Dr. Pat is personable, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. He is an absolute pleasure and he knows his stuff. He is also good with children and teens and they feel comfortable with him because he is young and athletic. I highly recommend him.

They did not have what I was looking for (vent free fireplace) however after talking with them, I am considering buying a vented fireplace and they would get my business since they know their stuff.

The best chiropractor in the area, I highly recommend John.

Need a chiropractor? Dr. Abby is your lady.I've been seeing Dr. Abby for about 7 years now, and let me tell you, she's the greatest. Not only is she a.

Dr Kinna is a true healer - professional presense, beautiful office

Helped me to get my back in shape to go about getting back to work and being able to move again without pain.

Very caring and explains treatment plan. Rib injury fixed in 1 treatment. Had unsuccessful, MULTIPAL treatments elsewhere.

Dr. Karen is a wonderful chiropractor. She has a great bedside manner and genuinely cares about each of her patients. Having never been to a chiropractor before, she made me feel very comfortable and explained what she was going to be doing. I have been a patient of hers for many years now

Dr. VInci is the only chiropractor I'd go to. When you're in the waiting room, there's rarely ever a wait, unless you get there early. Dr. Vinci is not.

The Doctor shows care and attention as if you were family

Dr. Licatese is an amazing and gifted chiropractor. His demeanor alone provokes your spine into ease; and his top notch education coupled with his intense hunger to help and heal supplies our community with an opportunity. Due to head and neck traumas, I've sought chiropractic care periodically

Great care and Even better staff. I would recommend Millennium to ALL

Most wonderful people in the business. Nice clean office,friendly staff and artful competent doctors. They know their Practice.

After tweaking my back in softball, I went to Jeff Grazen's office and Dr. Brian Vetter fixed me right up. He was a real professional and a master at his craft. I definitely recommend him for anyone with back problems.

I ahve been going to Pat for years. He is is an easily likeable person, putting you immediately at ease on entering his office. His staff is small, but caring and friendly. His adjustments are quick, painless and offer immediate and long term relief. I have gone to chiropractors my entire life,

Dr.Mike Anzalone is the best in the business. He truly cares about his patients. Very trustworthy. I have refered many friends to him and they all call to say thanks. If you want the best, he is the one to go to.

The staff and doctors was wonderful and helpful with any questions and procedures!

She does good work, but I think she's a little too spacey.

Best chiropractor I've ever seen, and I've seen many. Unbelievable improvement after just one visit. Highly recommended.

He knows what an athlete is going through. Designed a comprehensive plan that got em back on track.

Todd rehm chiropractic & massage clinic is a great office they make you feel very comfortable with having you body realign, talks you through the whole process and show you ways to maintaine a good body alignment.

Dr. Nasso is the best, I live in Florida and that is not too far for him to continue to help me. His calls to me have cost him more than my treatment has and he is a non quitter to his purpose and plan. the best non quitter to the quitting smoking i have ever been to. and I have spent over

I have been to many other chiro's in the past.but Dr. Dave is the only one I will use and recommend from now on. He is very good and a true professional.

Though the office is small on size the staff, service, and Doc make up for that in a BIG way. The experience there is always welcoming, clean, professional, and attentive. The doc is a charming, big sugar bear of a guy who has a light but firm touch, and the ability to connect and relate to

What I like about doc is that he can help u quickly and does not push u to keep making appt. He can chiro, physical therepy and he can massage

Took all my pain away in only a few treatments. I was skeptical about chiropractic, but my experience with Dr. Cardamone changed my mind. He was very knowledgable and gentle with his adjustments. Boy, do I feel better. I would highly recommend this chiropractor to anyone who is suffering with

Wonderful Doctor and is there when you need him even if you do not have an appointment the office will try to work you in to see the Doctor right away. Takes Different Health Insurance plans.

My more recent chiropractor. If you're uncomfortable or wary about getting your back/neck 'cracked' he's the guy to go for. He'll take it easy on you. I.

Coming from a family of chiropractors, including my dad, i have been adjusted since i was a kid. i always love to get adjusted and credit it for my healthy.

Dr Deneke was very informative and kind with my daughter. His adjustments include heat and gentel massage for relaxation. She has been to other chiropators and will only go to him now.

This is the best Chiropractic experience I have ever had! I have gone once a week for at least the last three years and have found ways to relax inbetween! I recommend it to anyone who has back, neck, or headaches.

I was nervous to go to a chiropractor. I thought once I went I would have to keep going back. Not the case with this guy. He fixes your problem and tells you to go. He doesnt preach maintenance and I was grateful for his honesty, intelligence, and his wonderful bedside manner.

I am 39 female who is physically active at least 5 times a week. I had developed numbness & pain on my left side; fingers, my left arm and back. I was becoming unable to participate in my weekly workout routine for a couple of weeks and I really needed some relief and I was worried I was going

Very professional chiropractor & works great on trigger points!

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to chiropractic medicine, but Doctor Galvin has converted me to a true believer. Caring,professional and proficient! I had forgotten what it was like to be pain free and NOT walk like a duck! Uses Activator technique.painless and unbelievably succesful.