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Highly recommended! Very accommodating staff and Dr. E is the best! His adjustments are on point! They get the job done!

My wife and I had an accident several years ago. We were both beat up pretty bad. Just doing simple activities were painful. Dr Rich and his staff helped give us back our mobility and quality of life. We are now on a monthly maintenance schedule that insures we maintain this quality of life.

These are some of the best people I have had the pleasure knowing. I came in here with back pain from 1993, and neuropathy in both feet. In the 2 months that I have been coming here Kallie has done a fantastic job with all my treatments, on my feet to where I have to say I am at 90% pain free

Dr. Erickson and staff are EXCELLENT! I have received superior care and education. I had seen another chiropractor but was not satisfied. I have bulging discs and sciatica. Dr Erickson and staff are gentle, thorough and professional. I have received individualized care using my x-rays each

Puja is one of the very few doctor's who really care for their patients. Words cannot describe the level of compassion she carries for her client's in terms of helping them achieve their goal by healing and curing them. She has great respect for human life and value it. It is with this value

I suffered from severe shooting pain down my leg. Over the years the pain had worsened. I tried to move my wallet to my front pocket and I tried yoga but it didn't work. I finally decided to try Chiropractic and went to see Dr. Salama at Salama Chiropractic Center. My pain is now gone. I continually

I have been seeing Dr. Puja Kacmierzak now Wentworth for over one year. I have been to many chirpractors throughout my life and Dr. Puja has been the finest, most thoughtful, intelligent and skillful chiropractor I've been to. She is a cut above and I highly recommend her.

An excellent chiropractor.

I love this place. They are able to address all aspects of wellness in a comfortable and caring environment.

My daughter had headaches for months and Dr. Chisholm took x-rays and found out that they were coming from her neck. After 5 treatments they were gone! I would recommend his office to anyone that needs a really good chiropractor.

I have been in nearly chronic back pain for decades with no real relief. I had a pinched nerve in my upper back last summer and after about 2 months of excruciating pain 24 hours a day I decided to try a chiropractor (but not really expecting any help, I was just desperate). Dr Williams was

I was very pleased with my initial visit. I saw the younger Davis, who is a Diversified style practitioner. He was very cordial, gentle, and open to questions.

Dr. Rick Erickson is the best chiropractor in the triad. He has helped me tremendously several times over the past 20 years. Very knowledgeable about his field and health care issues in general. Will not hesitate to refer you to another specialist if he feels necessary. And his staff is A+

Dr. Karen is so amazing that when I tell people how good she is, they thing I'm exaggerating. I have been seeing her and staff for 3 happy years. I am so grateful for her abilities to alleviate pain and motivate my bodies natural ability to heal. I give her 10 out of 5 stars!

Dr. Atkinson is an amazing chiropractor. She gives very personalized attention and is always on-time. She's very thorough and genuinely cares about you - she's not looking to just make money. Very effective treatments. I highly recommend her!

MAGIC HANDS! That's all that needs to be said. Came back from a fishing trip once with extreme lower back pain. The pain was so bad that my family had to dress me. I could barely move. I could barely breathe. My sister-in-law took me to see Dr. Victoria. A 1/2 hour later I was up and standing

Dr. Goode is very skilled and caring. I've been to his office 3 times and always had an excellent experience. Highly recommended!

Great Decision! I moved to Elon a few years back. In the past I've seen physical therapist and chiropractors for various conditions. I was referred to Dumayne Chiropractic by a medical doctor friend. Dr. Dumayne really impressed me. Not only did he eliminate my pain but he showed me how to

Highly recommended. Has been helpful for chronic back issues.

Everyone in this office is very helpful and the service is wonderful! I highly recommend them for all chiropractic needs - not just back and neck, but for headaches and other joint problems. The doctors are gentle and knowledgeable.

I enjoyed their work they were very courteious and they show that they care about their clients and how they feel. I f you are looking for the best you've just found them.

I liked this place i was treated quickly and professionally.

After 6 years of pain and many other doctors following a car accident (including another chiropractor and 3 physical therapists), I started to see Dr. Hanly at Amethyst. Immediately, I started feeling a difference. She found multiple issues that she began to work on and I have been able to

I have severe ddd, back pain that esi's, pain medicine, and all other treatments, have not worked, i seen, this doctor, to obtain, his opinion of my back, and to see if his acupressure could save me from, spinal fusion. I went to him, and he took me in, he didnt have time that day, but because

Appears to care and take notice to particulars in getting a healthy result.

I go back about once a month for an adjustment. I hadn't ever gone to one before, but Dr. Lewis did a great job.

Caring, honest, and fun! It's a joy to go in for an adjustment! Brightens my day and does wonders for my back! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Dr. Horne works miracles! She makes you feel comfortable, she's personable and very intuitive.

Dr Bill and Dr Adam are the best chiropractors I have ever found. They have helped our whole family, including our 5 yr old son and our 2 yr old daughter. Our backs are pain free and my husband's blood pressure has gone down as a result of having his atlas adjusted. I was finally able to carry

Dr. Durham has been in private practice for 8 yrs. She gently treats back and neck pain,numbness, tingling, sciatic pain,knee pain, foot pain, shoulder and arm pain, headaches, sinus problems. She practices Acupuncture for headaches, sinus problems, fibromyalgia, weight loss, smoking cessation

Dr. Cohen truly cares about his patients, no matter age or ailment. He is very considerate and helpful, uncommon to many other Doctors in the area.

I was a patient of doctor Saleeby's. He is a very nice and pleasant gentleman. I can not say that I am satisfied with the services that I received there. You go to a physician for help and answers, not quick fixes. He always gave me a temporary fix and that's about it. No definate answers.

Dr. Evans helped me after I got hurt playing basketball. Nice doc was honest with me. Taught me I don't need to depend on medication for the rest of my life or surgery for the pain.

I moved to Burlington and was referred to Dr. Brugger by a Medical Doctor - I was having back problems - Being stiff and just not feeling well due to the pain I was having. Dr. Brugger accessed the problem and within two visits I was feeling better - now several visits later i feel great! I

I have seen many chiropractors over the last 20 years, and Dr. Hecht is very skilled and easy to work with. Highly recommend him. Also, he takes student insurance at UNC and other providers as well.


This is a great place to go you will feel at home. Just give him a call and you will not regret it.

I've been to a few other chiropractors but I felt as though I got the most thorough care at Curtis Chiropractic & Wellness. Dr. Harwell was extremely attentive and made me feel much better by the time I left the office.

Got me in right away. Dr. Watson insists that you call him Tracy. Actually sat me down and had a worthwhile chat about my health. I have seen many a.

If you are seeking Chiropractic Care for a problem you are having or you want to prevent back pain/problems in future, Dr. Edmiston is the BEST DC I've seen (and I have seen a few) for headaches, neck and back pain. And, if you are looking for a Facial, a Massage or a Body Wrap, this is THE

Dr Lewis is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. He sincerely cares about the health and well-being of his patients. The first time I went to him, my back was in such bad shape I could hardly move. I was really skeptical and then amazed at how quickly I had my mobility back and was pain

My first visit wasn't well i had to wait forever and the lady had forgot to put me in go figure. but the doctor was great! other than that i paid like 400 dollars for them to tell me to go somewhere else :)

I woke up with a mild cause of Bell's Palsy and Dr. Thomas began therapy right away and with in a few days I began to see improvement and with in a week I could see almost a full recovery. I had consulted an MD and they offered me a pill and MRI which I did not have done. Thanks to Dr. Thomas

I had a great experience at Chiropractic Cafe. Elizabeth and Rick are truely invested in the health of their patients - and I am proof. I was suffering from back pain, having trouble walking - now I'm feeling great and continue to include chiropractic into my healthcare routine. Their office

Dr. Walters was great. I was suffering from bad neck pains and in 5 visits I felt like new! He is open to all questions and makes you feel very comfortable. His office staff was so friendly and they have very flexible scheduling.

I would recommend to all. I'm a runner and had to stop b/c of knee and hip pain. Dr. Hamlin and Dr. Gottlieb are the reason I'm back doing what I love, running. I thank them both for helping me run agian and the time Dr. Hamlin took to clearly explain what was wrong with me along with his knowledge

For many years, Dr. Schmidt helped me perform my day to day activities with minimal pain. On rare occasions, he would make time for me-even on a Saturday morning when he wasn't in the office. He cares about his patients and for that I will always be greatful!

Tony Peters is absolutely fantastic. He genuinely cares about his patients, and treats people as WHOLE PEOPLE. Rather than just cracking your bones and.

As soon as you walk in the office you know that the doctor cares and knows what he is doing. I went to him for a long time once for a car accident and then once again for my breast being so big and causing back pain. his office is great and his assistant is great. Go see them ou won't be sorry.

Great folks that do an awesome job of keeping you in alignment! They also have a great deal if you don't have health insurance that will cover chiropractic care.