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I have 100% IMPROVEMNT ! I really enjoyed my time at the clinic with staff. Everyone showed professionalism. I am so pleased and look forward into coming back for more treatments.

Chiropractics isn't just a job for Dr. Kevin, its a passion. The minute you meet him you can tell that he genuinely cares about you and will do anything he can to assist you in creating a healthier lifestyle. His expertise paired with his passion is the ultimate combo when looking for a chiropractor,

Very nice and professional. I had great results and will continue the maintenance program.

Dr. Josh is the best!! His staff is over the top as well. I teach dance (locally) and he gets me moving and grooving, so I don't miss a beat! I highly recommend Pickaway Chiropractic Center for all your adjustments.

Been here 8 times and I highly recommend. They will put you on a hot water table that massages your back then you go to your doctor and they are very caring. After they do the awesome back and neck consult they will put you on a machine that rolls out your back and ever since I've came here

I have been to multiple chiropractors in the area - Dr. Rossi is hands down the best. I don't know how he stays in business, because he can correct your alignment problems quickly and make recommendations as to exercises you can do yourself at home! And since my time is limited (I am a working

Dr. Paul and Dr. Pat have it going with their multiple locations and flexible hours. They are always cutting edge and take the time to explain what they are doing in every phase of treatment. Take a look at the docs. They don't eat refined sugar, they juice healthy meals, and they look 10 years

Dr. Patrick or Dr. Paul are skilled to handle any spinal-related issues you have. They are very proactive with their treatments, but they can improve complex issues you have had for years. I have been to all their practices and they offer the most scientific approach to healing possible.

Dr. Paul Waisbrot is a very easy going and personable care giver. His mannerisms keep patients relaxed and happy to return. He finished 2nd in his Palmer School of Chiropractic class. Was studying chemical engineering, which tells you he is a smart guy. He adjusts all four in our family and

This guy charged me for self stretching! What a crook! Don't go there!

The doctors and staff are really great. Everyone is friendly and concerned about your well being. I have never felt better.

I looked for a good chiropractor for years after I moved to Ohio and no-one has ever come close to Dr. Joe Iuvara. I was injured on the job and Dr. Joe got me feeling better and back to work fast. The office atmosphere was calm and relaxed and the office staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

Drs. Laura and Brad were able to get me back to my exercise routine and my kids! I am now pain free! I visit them from time to time to get checked. Its been over a year now that I have been feeling great. I suffered with sciatica and headaches since college. Thanks!

Dr. Lawyer takes good care of his patients. He takes his time to ensure that you leave his office feeling relief. He also offers suggestions you can do on your own to offer relief. I have been to many chiropractors and I am most pleased with Dr. Lawyer!

I was treated great there. The staff is very helpful.

Dr. Poitinger is very experienced, gentle, kind and very caring. And the staff that works with him is the greatest too! Thanks for all you do!

Dr Eiselt is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgable and friendly - and with a few adjustments he takes my pain away. If you are in pain you should not hesitate to see him.

I was in a car accident (rear-ended) when I woke up the next morning with neck pain I decided to go To Dr. Matthew Frain to find out if I had an injury. He really gave me a great consultation, and took the time to explain what was causing my pain. I have been treating with him for about 2 weeks

Dr. Pat Prikkel's Chiropractic Health Wellness of Dayton is a marvelous place to go if you have a sore back or any other part of your physical.

I doubted chirpractic medicine until I met Dr. Vargo. I first went to him after I had a minor back injury in 2002. I've been going to him on a regular basis since. When I had a major car accident in 2005 which led to the rupture of a disc in my back and difficutly walking Dr. Vargo worked with

Excellent Chiropractor he is friendly and will explain things very thoroughly.

John and Pam have given me my life back so many times. I couldn't make it without them. I'm a 20+ year Army veteran and 15 years of that was jumping out of airplanes, uncounted miles of running and road marching on different types of surfaces. These folks helped me when my medical doctor wanted

My dad had a lot of success at getting rid of his chronic headaches by having chiropractic adjustments, so I thought I'd try them out too.I visited Dr.

Excellent chiropractor and massage therapists! I have been to different chiropractors in the past but I find Dr. Eric to be the best. Dr. Eric, as well as his staff, are attentive and caring. They work with the individual and take the time to make sure that you are well-taken care of. I highly

I was very depressed over the death of a loved one. I was trying to meditate for long hours to regain inner composure. My head felt like it weighed 60 lbs. causing neck pain and upper traps pain and some lower back pain. When I saw the x-rays, there was no doubt that my neck was out of alignment.

Dr. Alisha Booher is a lifelong advocate for Chiropractic Care. It runs in the family. Not only is her Father a Chiropractor, so are her brothers. I guess.

He is very kind a thoughtful of his paitents. he does not have you come back unless he thinks you really need to.

Thank you to all the staff at Wieging Chiropractic! What an awesome and helpful practice, a real blessing to me for sure! And everyone is so nice there, love it, thanks so much! BB

A great overall place for the entire family to get to healthy.

I went to Medina Family Chiropractic for massage therapy and was very pleased with the service and treatment that I received. The Medina Family Chiropractic staff was very courteous and friendly. Linda, the massage therapist, has hands of gold and will have you feeling like a million dollars

Great Doc! Keeps me working and feeling great. No one else can adjust like he can. My whole family goes to him and loves him.

Dr. Charboneau is the BEST! Very caring, gentle. He won't hurt you! He truly cares about his patients, and is not too proud to refer you to someone else. I highly recommend him.

I started going to Labig Chiropractic about 16 years ago. I had an on the job injury to my hip and lower back that was only worsened by all the muscle relaxers given to me by my medical doctor. I always said I would never go to a quack chiropractor. Am I ever glad I gave Dr. Labig a last resort

If you have pain and never thought of going to a chiropractor, well, you should really make an appointment to see these folks. I had neck pain that would bring me to tears for a long time. I was reluctant, like most, to give the chiropractor a chance. Well I took it and I am thrilled. The staff

Dr. Poyle has been my Chiropractor for almost two years. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. I was in rough shape when I started my care (largely due to working with my friend for an entire month on renovating my newly purchased home) Dr. Poyle was gentle and worked on me

Dr.Krueger does a TV program on fitness. I like his goal to serve the whole community through the show. He seems to know what he's talking about. A friend of ours is his patient and says that a regular part of treatment is to do a strengthening/resistance workout afterward. He has all the equiment

Great facility - brand new - excellent doctors and staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable doctors and staff. Would recommend for headaches and physical therapy needs.

I had been suffering back pain for over 10yrs. I was one of those people that thought Chiropractors were a waste of money. Somewhat like fortune readers. BUT, not the case here. Easy to set up appt. Even for a consultation. Believes in natural healing, not prescribing medication to treat symptoms.

I started having pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders. I was in discomfort most of the time and at least four times a year, I had to go to the emergency room for severe migraine headaches. I was skeptical of chiropractors because I had heard horror stories about them. I started seeing

Got an appointment as a new patient the next day. Everyone was nice. Dr. seemed generally helpfull. Said I was overweight, at 5-9 189. A few of the nurses were 5-5 over 200. Wonder what he would call them.

I had been suffering a week and a half from back and neck pain, yet I was too busy to take care of it. It finally got so bad that I had to take off a day of work and luckily I found Dr. Stephens Pain Recovery Center online. There was one great review so I tried to get in that day-and I did!

Best Chiropractor I have ever been too! I wouldn't trade this one for the world! VERY highly recommended!

Thank You! If it wasn't for Dr. Stromberg I may have been paralyzed. He is kind, considerate and very thorough. He and his staff were very helpful with everything that had to be done due to a worker's comp injury. They ALL went above and beyond what almost any other doctor's office would have

Has treated me for several problems.always thorough, explains everything, gets me better quickly, doesn't push me to keep coming back and is really reasonable ($30). I've been to other chiros, but I come back here to get fixed.

Dr. Baker is the best! He really cares about you and your family. Dr. Baker has given our family a wonderful gift, the gift of health!

Dr. Mark is great! He saved me from back surgery. Sandy handles my insurance and appointments to fit my needs. This office is very professional.

I've seen many Chiropractors for most of my life. No one has been able to correct my back problems like Wayne Taylor has been able to do. I was blessed the day I walked into Crossroads Chiropractic Center.

Courteous, friendly staff and doctors. Saved me from a lifetime of pain.

I had Dr. Simoson work on my lower back pain. What great work he did! I have no more issues!

I was 10 the first time I visited a D.C. and Dr. Trax made my visits unforgettable. Wanda LaRue in Lexington.