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Dr Ryan does a thorough assessment, this is vital for any dr to thoroughly assess their patients prior to suggesting any type of treatment.

From when you walk in and greeted by the wonderful Marcia, from the time Dr. Grimes greets you at the door to the back is great. I have never been to a chiropractor so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. He taught me so much about my brain, and body and what all I need to do. I loved how

Excellent chiropractor, Amanda and Dr Ryan couldn’t be nicer, really helped me with my neck last year.

My job requires frequent heavy lifting. Without his excellent care, I can say that I truly wouldn't be able to do my job. If I could give 6 stars, I would!

Dr Ryan Marshall is amazing. I have been to all kinds of pain clinics and doctors but never got the relief for my back that I got with Marshall Chiropractic.

Dr. Grimes and Marcia work hard together to take care of the whole patient. Dr. Grimes is very kind and gentle, offers suggestions as needed for your health, mind and gut needs, and his prices are very fair and reasonable. Grimes Chiropractic would have more than 5 stars from me, if possible.

Great adjustments, always walk straighter when I leave.

I went in, he took care of it and his staff made everything easy whether you had insurance or not.. Amazing talent.

The best chiropractor! He listens, is patient, answers questions, and educates you about the treatment plan he recommends

Dr. Coffman is by far one of the best chiropractors in the state, I have had many adjustments, but Dr. Coffman has the touch and actually does what he says and he understands and explains things to you so you understand. He is a wonderful family man, has a lovely wife and 6 kids, yes 6 kids.

It cost $300 for the intitial visit and they won't do an manipulation on you until the following day which is an additional $45. The staff are nice in a Stepford wife type of way. The office is clean and smells really good, but $345 for a chiropractic treatment, I could've spent $200 to see

Great therapist! Shannon is well-educated and very professional. I have never had a better therapist.

Excellent doctor. She got me back to my fullest potential in no time. I was afraid at first because of all the myths about chiropractic. If anyone has any doubt go see her, and have absolutely no fear. She is very professional and explain my situaition on a level I can understand. Thanks Doc.

I recommend this clinic to everyone! He is flexible, friendly, knowledgable and his fees are beyond great! He is the working mans friend!

Gentle Chiropractor, Very Professional Excellent Office, Equipment and Staff Reasonable Rates - Even has Evening Hours!

I was looking for a reputable massage therapist and found Michelle. She has helped me so much! I have never felt better. She went to school in Texas and has a different style then what I have found here in the city. She has resonable rates as well!


Excellent Chiropractor.somebody you can really trust with your body.and really affordable.only $40 per visit.so you don't need an insurance. Location is most reachable in the heart of the city on Main Street. Also a Naturopath, so you can trust him with other ailments as well. Get well Soon!

He has helped me through 2 car accidents. The last one I was pregnant and being pregnant and having back pain is AWFUL! He was awesome made me feel comfortable and helped me throughout my pregnancy.His office staff is very nice and actually care. I would never go to another chiropractor.

He was very nice, so was his assistant. He was referred to me by a friend and i'd be glad to refer him to anyone!

Very friendly, great attitude, it's like seeing a friend. Works wonders

Dr. Yandell is one of the best chiropractors I have been to. His CA's are also very friendly and helpful. I have already recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so.

Pro: Good segmental traction beds. Friendly Staff. Flexible hours. Works with insurance. Con: Docs change often, although they have all been good so far.

What I like most about Dr Schumann is he doesn't PRESSURE you to keep coming because he understands that not everyone has the financial means to do so. I have been going to him for two years know and he knows what he's doing. I also love his flexible schedule. I can call him and he's able to

Ive been going to Dr. Young for over 4 years now because he is THE VERY BEST!

I had severe back problems but Dr. Bogan brought me through! Dr. Fred Bogan applied treatments twice a day until my back problem went away. I'll always be amazed at the quality of care Dr. Fred Bogan provided. Thank You Dr. Fred Bogan. If you live in Tulsa Oklahoma or surrounding areas, I fully

Father & son team that makes it easy to get in, even on Saturdays. Clearly explained what they were doing and why as they treated. Easy to find right on Main Street where they've been for 50 plus years.

My husband saw Dr Thomas for sudden back pain problems. I didn't know much about chiropractic services and wondered if it was kind of like getting facials- not really doing anything but at least you try. My husband says the visits to the chiropractor helped a lot and now goes in at the first

Freindly staff. Offers wellness and sports minded chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehab, spinal decompression. Treating people af all ages, Not just.

Well he is a good doctor.The 1st chiropractor ive used didnt think they was worth the effort.But i was in pain and said ill give a try.Dr Tipton, is knowledgeable and very good at his pratcice.I would recommend him to anyone.Has one of the the best staffs as far as knowledge and friendliness.Gregg

As a chiropractic clinic, it is a good reputable facility. I went in for the womens shot Pregnenolone which is a precursor to other hormones and it is suppose to help your body balance its own hormones. A friend was going on and on about how much it helped her hot flashes etc. I could not tell

He really has a talent with children. Both of mine had problems with their ears and would have had to have tubes, except for Dr. Hays fixed them up. No tubes just chiropractic adjustments and his needle free acupuncture did the trick. I recommend him to all moms who have colicy babies and allergy,

Not often do we get treated with exceptional customer service, especially from doctors and their employees and this place was outstanding! They treated me like a PERSON. Answered every question and set me at total ease with no high pressure sales. I highly recommend this clinic.

I have been to more than 1 Chiropractor, but I'll not go anywhere else from now on. By far the best care I've ever recieved and the whole staff is sincere. I am very impressed.