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Wonderful, healing experience. I felt deeply renewed after my session with Patty.

Having experienced many different Chiropractors over the years - I can say that Dr. Cluen is truly one of the best. He is friendly and approachable and makes it a priority to educate you about your health. He specializes in injuries so his adjusting technique is amazing - quick and precise.

The staff is very professional and Dr. Cummings has been doing a wonderful job with my back issues and my scheduling needs.

Very knowledgabe doctor and staff of rehab personelle and massage therapists. nice for injury relief as well as relaxation. fairly priced.

Dr. Bratten & his staff are wonderful! Everyone is very pleasant and professional, Dr. Bratten's care is thoughtful, gentle and very effective.

They also bill insurance for massages, so it gets included with your appointment! Dr Box is excellent at cracking the back too!

Walton Chiropractic is one of the top chiropractic offices around. Rodney Walton is a great chiropractor who cares about his patients and their health. He teaches people about holistic health and he gives great adjustments. All of his assistants are very friendly as well. I highly recommend

I have had great success with Dr. Fortier. I have referred him some of my own clients when they move out of portland and down into the Albany/Corvallis Area. The reviews I get from my clients are very encouraging after treatment. He is a very knowlegeable doctor and skilled doctor. He is a

Great treatments, friendly doctors and very professional. The overall experience at this office made me a believer that chiropractic can make a difference in my life. I recommend this office to anyone that wants to know more about chiropractic or has problems that won't seem to go away.

Dr. LoGiudice from Linn City Chiropractor offers Graston technique and Spinal Decompression - unique to West Linn. No other Physical Therapist or.

This is the place to go when you have any back or neck pain. Consider your headaches gone (or mostly gone) once you start treatment at this clinic. Dr Zyweck has been treating me and my family for the past few months and we have nothing but great things to say about the care we've received.

Love the service and the staff. They keep busy though.

Dr. Miller is Great! I've had lower pack pain for years and seen many doctors with no result. After my first visit with Dr. Miller I was already getting relief. Just a few weeks of regular visits and my treatment is complete. I can hardly believe the chronic pain is gone. I can easily recommend

I've used chiropractic care for most of my life. My experience with it is good. It has helped many back injuries and car wrecks that I've had. But I had.

Easy to go see. Just call and you will get in. To notch technology. I did not believe in chiropractors until I went to one. Now I am a believer.

My back has never known happiness like this before. The gals at the front desk are really friendly, and Dr. Colner is GREAT. He's really nice and he knows.

This clinic has been great for myself, my husband and my son. I have gone following a fall on the stairs and a car accident and have had a wonderful.

Dr. Harden and staff are wonderfull! my husband and myself have been seeing Dr Harden off and on for the last few years. He was recommended from a freind who was also reffered by a friend. The deep tissue massages hurt so bad. but in a good way. Franchesca at the desk is awsome! the massaging

Dan is a very down to earth, professional and fun Chiropractor. He makes you feel comfortable and keeps you in control of your treatment.

Larry is one of the best I have been to. You will like him too.

Top rate outfit! Dr. Vroom really knows his stuff and is probably the best chiropractor I've ever been to. Besides that he's just a heck of a nice guy. He's backed up by a dedidcated and great staff of massage and electrostim therapists that really know their stuff. I would highly recommend

I took my boyfriend in with horrible back pain - to the point he could barely walk.he walked out of there feeling like a million bucks! This guy is REAL good!

Doctor and staff are very caring,and friendly. It's obvious they care about their patients. Never feel rushed, hurried or a nusiance even when calling the doctor at home for problems and/or information. Extremely knowledgeable in field of nutrition. Convenient location and nice offices.

A friend at church recommended Dr. Koch to me after I injured my neck and was attending physical therapy, to no avail, as prescribed by my family physician. Since the physical therapy did nothing to relieve my pain, I decided to see Dr. Koch despite the horror stories I had heard in the past

Dr Ray has just the right touch and makes you feel soooooo much better. I reccommend him highly. Even if you have never been to a chiropractor he is the one to see.

The receptionist is a total hottie. though i hear she's got a boyfriend who's a total badass!

The best adjustments ever! very patient and caring A+ for you Dr. Hall

This is an amazing place. The people who work here are great. They really care how you feel, they remember your name and take an interest in your entire life and health. I went to them for a year, then tried someone else and promptly returned to them. Not only are they a great value for the

The bitches here keeps it real.If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, congratulations, because you just struck gold. I can get an alignment,.

Three years ago I started going to Dr. Lady. I had been in a car accident and was going through massage therapy with Diane Jensen (who worked in her same.

Dr Sherman is great - a bit of a goof (what chiropractor isn't?) but truly caring, honestly interested and dedicated. I would (and do) recommend him to my friends and even better, we let him work on our children. Get in there! You'll feel better!

I didn't think that I liked acupuncture. I'd had some experiences in the past that weren't exactly perfect, didn't help that much. But I hurt my back and.

New to the area, I found myself needing an emercency visit to a chiropractor. But it was almost 5pm, my old chripractor was closed, and I hadn't found a new one. I called James Dicey and the receptionist was able to fit me in. I was done within an hour. These guys were great and very friendly!

I used to think all Chiropractors are the same. I was wrong. Dr. Illo has accomplished things in the health of my family that no MD or even chiropractor was able to duplicate. I know I am not alone as it often takes weeks to get an appt. and most of those patients he got through referrals from

I'm lucky to have insurance that covers alternative care (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic), but even if you don't, I highly recommend Dr.

Numinosity is a wellness center of massage, yoga, reiki, psychotherapy, chiropractics, cranial sacral, naturopaths.It almost seems like if its related.

I've been seeing Dr. Sonja Pulley for years now. She's quite good, with nice strong hands and an assuring manner.

I went here to see Dr. Gregg Eckel for an accupuncture appt. Because I have had chronic back pain for years. I had a little pain that day he was able to.

A real pro - smart about not over-adjusting you, cautious about the alternative therapies, and takes the time to teach you how to take better care of.

I just went to this clinic on a Saturday because I was in terrible pain. I try to maintain my physically stressful lifestyle with massage, but I was unable.

While I was living in Portland, I was fortunate enough to be a patient at the Pearl Health Center - housed in the Eco-Trust building in the Pearl. Their.

Dr. Stevko was recommended to me by 2 different people before I made an appointment. I work at a computer all day and through the years it had taken a toll on my back and neck. I wasn't in serious pain but I was uncomfortable everyday until my first appointment with Dr. Stevko. After my appointment,

I went to Discover Chiropractic because they are running a $17 special. I got the whole exam and xrays! After two adjustments- I couldn't even tell that I had gotten in such a bad car accident. Everyone there is super cool.

Me, both of my brothers and my dad were treated after several car crashes - King surly does a good job!

Dr. Peters is patient, understanding and very flexible.

Dr. Jeanne is one amazing chiro. She is very kind, friendly and very knowledgeable. She takes time with you, gives a fabulous treatment and makes sure you.

After a surgery for a hysterectomy and rectocele repair I began suffering with bouts of terrible pain throughout my pelvic floor - burning bladder pain, rectal pressure, muscle pain, sometimes symptoms of restless leg syndrome, etc. My OBGYN/PCP/ and GI doc weren't able to figure things out

My mom is a massage therepist here. great owners! i love it!

It really is a miricle. My daugter had very severe stomach complaints until I brought her to Dr Chlebowski! He used homeopathy and craniosacral therapy to make a real turn around for my child. She hasnt had a tummy ache for months now from what was daily occurence. He was extremely sweet and

I have seen Jan Bender for a number of physical needs over the past 5 years. She is awesome in every way. Has helped my back 100% and continues to ease my discomfort with just about every injury I have. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!