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Anyone that's been I my position, that is consumed by pain or just discomfort at best with their back/spine and try to live with it even though it affects your work, social life, family life, mental state, personal relationships etc etc and you've been to a doctor for medication in the form

Dr. Legault is kind, easy going, yet attentive to all his patients. He makes each patient feel like they are a priority, and he never rushes. He is a true blessing!

Dr. Erdogan is super nice & personable. I had such pain with my jaw when I first came to his practice. He evaluated me and we learned right away, what the problem was. It took patience, time, and consistency but I feel great now. I am still currently going to maintain everything.The staff is

After my accident I needed help with my back pain. My regular doctor was unable to help me so I went online and found Dr. Himmelstein. His reviews were good, so I went to him and very pleased that I did. My back has never felt better since the accident and recommend Dr. Himmelstein to everyone.

Located right on the IUP campus. Great doctor, great staff. Would recommend to anyone!

Dr. Steve is a great chiropractor. He provides his full attention and I highly recommend that you get your spine checked by Dr. Steve. Very positive environment.

DR. Zimmer is the BEST. If you forget to make an appt. he'll fit you in. Very nice and always friendly.

This place is the best! I can see why they were voted Best Chiropractor. I just found them recently, and now my whole family goes. They are always up on the latest research and health news, and have the best equipment I have ever seen in one office. I recommend them highly to anyone looking

I had bad foot pain, no one else could help me. Dr. James really helped me out - I was better in just three visits. Nice Dr., good location.

Having never gone to a Chiropractor before, I went to Dr Bellini on a Monday barely able to walk due to lower back pain that my family doctor could not get rid of in 2 weeks. I got my first adjustment that day and another one 3 days later. After those 2 short visits I was completely

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but when I recently snapped my neck, I had no choice. My insurance company directed me to this place. Had I known.

The Best experience in therapy I've ever had. Dr. Broomall is the Best!

He is the best chiropractor you can have. He is corteous, compassionete. He attends to his patiens very closely. Must go to him.

Dr. Joe is friendly, fun, and truly cares for his patients. I've been going to the practice since he took it over from the retired Dr. Bianchi, and Dr. Joe still maintains the same demeanor. He actually CARES about your life, and isn't one of those scam Chiropractors who'll want to see you

AccuCare Chiropractic has been the best to me. The people over there really care about how you are feeling. When I was 17 I had a bad neck injury so I went to see a chiropractor and I've been going to them for years. Well, one day I went into my chiropractor's office and they said there is

Dr. Quarterson is one of the best chiropractors I have ever had dealings with. She saw me in agony from a migraine I had. I also explained my chest pain and pain shooting down in my legs. She gave me a brief history of chiropractic care and explained to me that most if not all problems had

Dr Patel is the best. He takes all the time necessary to cure your ails. I suffered from migraines for years and haven't had them since going to see Dr Patel and getting my jaw adjusted! :-)

I went back last week, after a day at Six Flags, and ended up with the same massage therapist. She was fantastic, and although she did kick my butt, it.

I've always been nervous about chiropractic care BUT NOT ANYMORE! After seeing Dr. McGaurn I brought my children, husband, mother and refer everyone I know to see Dr. McGaurn. With her gentle technique I get all the benefits of chiropractic care without the quick jerking or cracking. She is

This Chiropractor is amazing. I was in pain, up all night and called Chiro-Care at 5:00am on a Saturday morning. I was going to leave a message and was then surprised to actually get the doctor on the phone. He opened the office early to treat my back and I was amazed at the results, I have

Dr. Novatnak and staff get a thumbs up from me. After three visits and four days of rest my back felt like brand new. So if you have back pain, leg pain, this is the place you need to be. Ron DePuka

Dr. LeDonne is a genuine caring doctor. Glad to know him.

Gonstead Chiropracters use technology to find what the problem is instead of just guessing like every other Chiropracter I've been to. They take an xray of your spine and they have a machine that detects where your back has tention. I've been to 3 Chiropracters before coming here and none of

Garland Fisher welcomes you with great respect and concernfor your overall wellbeing. Has natural remedies/solutions to EVERY issue you have. All in a clean, relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Fisher has an incredible, comforting personality. His hands work like a miracle! I can never wait until my next

Good Chiropractor but VERY EXPENSIVE! It was over $100 a month JUST for my 1 1/2 year old daughter. This Chiropractor is out of network which means you must pay for everything upfront. Hopefully, you will be reimbursed by your insurance company but if not, you are left with a $275 bill on the

Dr.Gioia really made me feel very welcome whenever I came into his office.I was referred by a good friend,Kim Lavercik.I will always choose,Dr.Carmen Gioia over any other chiropractor.

Dr. Gene is an amazing doctor. The best chiropractor around.

Whenever anyone mentions back or neck problems I always, always, always recommend seeing Dr. Lori Ceretti at Healing Hands.yes she is that good! I started.

When I injured my knee on the job, the gen practitioner I went to see just kept prescribing stronger pain killers and rest. I went to see Dr. Miller for a second opinion, after a friend recommended him. He knew exactly what was wrong with my knee and how to fix it. I walked out of the office


The short story is I was immobilized from pain and now I am not.The longer story is. I was in acute pain from a jacked up lower back and neck, to the.

I was given the best deep tissue massage in my entire life, here. I am now hooked and go back as often as I can. Becky is the best! :)

Dr. Rehrig is a competent and professional chiropractor, who is gentle and knowlegeable. His staff is warm and responsive. I highly recommend him and his staff.

I agree that Dr. Tom deVries and Dr. John Slippy are the best! My family and entire extended family have been going to Design for Health for many years. We refer everyone we know who is looking for both professional and compassionate care! The Design for Health team not only offers the lastest

These guys rock! Full service and affordable.

Other Chiropractic practices I have visited in the past keep you coming time and time again, with no explanation why or what is actually wrong with you. I have not found that to be the case with Dr. Clark. I was referred to him by my PCP and he got me to a point where he knew I needed further

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Rick. He gave me great treatment and really knows what he is doing. With taking care of three children, I really needed a good chiropractor.

This office offers these therapies: water bed, physical therapy, treadmills, inside gym, massage therapy, heat, etc. All without extra charges and the staff is great,too.

GREAT office with a very friendly and caring staff. I would HIGHLY recomend them to anyone. Also, they're very convenient if you work downtown. They make it easy to get in and out during my lunch-hour or throughout my day. Dr. Greg is the best-very friendly. Got me out of pain the same day.


I had care from Dr Bateman for many years until I moved away. He was the third chiropactor I had tried and he was the only one who helped my lower back. I drove 45 minutes just to get to his office. Everyone in his office is friendly and caring including Dr. Bateman. I highly recommend him.

When I was in severe pain, I got quick relief without all the x-rays, and other fancy diagnostics most chiropractors add in to rack up your bill. Dr. Hillman is a friendly, everyday guy who gets down to business without all the frills.

Great bed side manor. Good for putting things back in place, but like a assembily line.

After going to another chiropractor for years, I realized I needed a more aggressive approach to deal with chronic sciatica that had morphed into acute pain, severely limiting my functional movement. I chose Dr. Craig Weismantel because his office was close to my house and took my insurance,

They are a great office and i miss them a great deal since i have been away at school.

Dr. Lichtinger and his staff are very interested in what hurts me and how they can help me. I have fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. I have never had such a good treatment where I feel so much better when I leave the office and for days afterwards. I feel the treatment Dr. Lichtinger is the

Great Staff, Great work, very personable and understanding. State of the art equipment. Would recommend to anyone.

I have had back problems for years but he helped me correct the problem. I've been going to him ever since!

I would highly recommend Dr. Michelle Stepp for any Chiropractic care. She has a great office in a convenient location with high tech equipment. She fully assessed my situation and immediately found my problem spot. I am confident that she found the source of my debilitating migraines and I

Dr. Liston is the best! he got rid of my back pain in 3 visits. its a miracle