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Dr Massie is truly a miracle worker. He had me up and walking two months after what probably should have been a fatal car accident. I had three blown disks in my back, and was up and walking after the first visit. I'm not sure he can always perform miracles, but he has saved me from what should

Dr. Chiusano is a great chiropractor because he can identify your problem area and quickly match it to a solution that addresses your pain. He knows how to be firm but yet not hurt you. I have to been to more than 10 different Chiropractors in my life. He is the best. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Brian Saul is an excellent chiropractor in Fort Worth TX. He helped me with my arm that was going numb.

Dr. Stotts and her staff are great and have helped my back pains go away. I have also had hardly any headaches since starting with Stotts Chiropractic. The staff is very insightful and enjoyable. I didn't know there was a chiropractic that didn't do the "snap, crackle, pop!" so I was alwasy

Dr Saul and his staff are excellent. He helped me avoid back surgery with spinal decompression.

I've regained my confidence and independence! I am able to walk without assistance and drive again. There are so many benefits of my treatment--I've regained my sense of freedom and I'm no longer suffering. I LOVE the chiropractic care offered at Barrett Chiropractic Clinic and I would refer

After my first visit with Dr. Pace I had immediate pain releif! Dr. Paces' office staff were very friendly and caring. I this is the most positive experience I have ever had and will continue to use Dr. Pace in the future.

I have had bad experience with massages and I was real hesitant in getting a massage with joy. a friend of mine wanted me to experience her and bought me a gift certificate. Just like Love there is no words to explain it. She is just that good.

The best chiropractor in Dallas for my money. I was having terrible back pain and neck pain, and they set me up with a professional chiropractor that really listened to me and helped end my back pain. I would recommend these chiropractor professionals to anyone looking for quality chiropractic


After moving, finding a new chiropractor was a scary thing for me. Dr. Guenzler did an excellent job at making me feel at ease. He is both knowledgeable and easy to get along with. Dr. Guenzler's office is small but very comfortable, clean, and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable

My experience at this facility was excellent to say the least. Prompt and friendy service, excellent staff, and remakable results. If you suffer with back pain don't wait any longer. Go see these remarkable doctors. You'll love it.

The best and she has been a great Doctor for correcting my back problems.

I have worked with Dr. Garza since her first day at this office in 8/06. She is absolutely one of the finest Doctors I have ever worked for or with in more than 30 yrs in a medical office. She is caring, honest, direct & gracious. Without hesitation I would recomend her to anyone. She is concerned

Tom Garzillo helped me so much! I was very skeptical of chiropractors but he was great! Highly recommended!

Absolute Chiropratic is a wonderful family owned business. Dr. McCreery really gets to know his patients and is there for you. Don't miss out on a wonderful chance to get back on your feet.

The best chiropractor in Lubbock, I would recommend Dr. Roeder to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care.

My Experiences with Kolling Chiropractic have been exceptional. My husband and I have been seeing Scott Kolling for years, mainly for wellness care. On the occasion when my husband or I come in the office with a pain that we are unsure of, Scott will take all the time needed to evaluate the

Gave me just what I needed, also had many other services he is experienced in

Dr. Nedry and her staff are WONDERFUL! I went to see them after getting totally screwed by another Chiropractor in the Pasadena area: Delgado Chiropractic on Fairmont Parkway. Word of advice, THIS MAN AND HIS WIFE WILL SCAM YOU IF YOU ARE IN THERE WITH AN INSURANCE CLAIM! Anyway, Dr. Nedry


The doctor and staff are highly professional and really care about you and your health. I know what it's like to pay a chiropractor for treatment and not really get results. That is not the case here. This doctor is worth the price and I would travel great distance to see him. Great establishment!

The staff treated me like a family member. I enjoy visiting my chiropractor and the care he provide me is exceptional. T

When I moved to the Dallas area I needed to find a new Chiropractor. I tried several different office, and none of them felt like the right place for me. That is when i found Dr. Nannis. Immediately when i walked into the office I knew this was the place for me. They were very warm and inviting.

I took my 2 year old her when she had a really bad cough that just wouldn't go away. we were able to tell what foods might NOT be helping and change her diet. we saw amazing results in 2 weeks! I would totally recomend one trying this practice.

I absolutely love this place and the staff is outstanding!I got quality care in the most awesome Christian enviroment possible. The dr and staff really do put a high standard of caring for patients! highly recommended.

I have been so impressed with Dr. Handlos' knowledge of chiropractic procedures and his ability to relieve my pain and even more impressed with the friendliness that he and his staff ALWAYS show to me!

I just started seeing Dr. Mike Wojnicki about 3 weeks ago for chiropractic evaluation and treatment. His office is neat and there is no wait. They have lots of time slots for appointments and are very flexible. They are quick with the evaluation and get you started right away with treatment.

Dr. Stone is simply amazing! She is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped fixed things in my body that I didn't even knew were messed up. Also so.

My family has been going to Lowrey Chiropractic for the last year or so, and we have been extremely happy with the results. I have personally sustained damage to my lower back from Martial Arts, and my wife in her neck from a bicycle injury and we have had excellent results with Dr. Terry.

Khit Chiropractic is a really good clinic. I went there for Therapy, and both doctors were very professional and knowledagle. Best of all, my pain went away.

Dr. Patterson is wonderful! Many years of experience and very caring. What I liked also was his humor and his positive outlook. He is always very up beat and positive. I highly recommend him. His staff is very caring, friendly and respectful.

I have been to Dr. Cook, and have had incredible results with him quickly, and the prices are incredible. I would recommend him over and over and over again. Also, his receptionist is so pleasant and easy to talk to. Just the people you want to go to for chiropractic care.

Dr Parsons and staff are very efficient and committed to seeing each patient gets the care we need. I never have to wait long to see the dr, and he is very gentle and compassionate. I highly recommend this Chiro =)

Great chiropractor. Highly recommended. The best I have ever been to.

I took my 70(+)yr old uncle to see other chiropractors but no one was able to help him like Dr. McArthur did.Thank you!

If you want or need a great chiropractor, go see Dr. Gregg Godfrey at Aransas Family Chiropractic. He is the greatest! When I first started seeing Dr. Godfrey over two years ago I was using a cane and within a month and ahalf I was off the cane. I only use it when totally necessary. Doc is

He works with your pains and helps you to walk strait again. New technology for those that don't like the bone to be popped. Great Doctor. awesome

My husband tried dr. king, never has he had a doctor come to our house to deliver a pain relief gaget to our front door, dr. king is a great person as a doctor. thank you david king.

Dr. Loper is very thorough in dealing with my problem and leaves no stone unturned. If you aren't looking for lots of extra staff catering to you but want personal attention from the Doctor, you'll get treatment with care and skill. I didn't get a sense of being processed-through, Dr. Loper

Dr. Swanson is very thorough and very nice. He has definitly made a huge difference in my recovery from my car accident.

I have always been skeptical about medical alternatives. I went to see a neurologist for nerve damage that was in my back, thigh, and calf. The.

I heart my chiropractor!This lady rules. She does low-impact adjustment, which is very nice for a high-strung person like me. She's got a good sense of.

Dr. Joel Hill is a great Chiropractor! The entire staff is friendly, funny, and professional! I enjoy getting my adjustment from Dr. Hill at Hill family Chiropractic. They also have a Spinal Decompression Machine for patients with problems like slipped disk(s) and herniated disk(s). I would

Great coffee - nice place to go, lots of people come here.

I've done Yoga for the past 5 years, and at a number of different studios in Dallas. When I took a new job downtown, I had to find a new studio. I chose Uptown Yoga, have been going there for nearly a year and am very pleased with their offering. It blends quality powerful exercise, excellent

Great staff Fast and Helpful. Best experience in the medial field

DR.LANE is the best chiropractor in the DFW area! He has been in practice for over 10 years and his experince has helped all his patients end up painfree from his office. His business has expanded because of his great work. He has 3 clinics in the DFW area.His staff is the nicest ever! He's

Dr. Long is my top choice for treatmemt of allergies. His treatmemt are worth every penny. Highly recommemded.

Everyone, from Laurie, Gail, Dr Wise and the other Chiropractors at Complete Chiropractic does everything that is in their power to make you feel better. They show genuine concern about every patient and take their time in addressing every issue that you might have, giving each patient their