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I recommend Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center for excellent care and excellent service. They made me feel very welcomed as a first time guest and I’ve loved every dealing with this team. My back, body and mind are ready for anything once again!!!

I have always been a little skeptical about chiropractic care, until I started going to Dr. Salina. Our whole family has been amazed at the difference it has made in our lives & bodies, even our daughters. It has given us the ability to actually start living life again without pain & discomfort

Dr. Kurtz is a very knowledgeable Doctor and runs an amazing practice.

I suffered from hip pain 3 years after hip replacement and heard about deep tissue class IV laser therapy provided by the Spine and Scoliosis Clinic as a safe and effective method of treatment. I am an active, healthy 66 year old and wanted to continue doing my activities...walking, working

Dr. Calvin and the team at Eastlake are so kind and great at what they do. I appreciate that they explain things to me and focus on my progression. They have great massage therapists as well and have helped me so much after my car accident.

I'm jiu-jitsu practitioner and i need adjustments from time to time. I went here due to an elbow injury that's been bothering me and both Dr. Darrell and Dr. Graeme Gibson popped my elbow back into place! I didn't even know it was out of place. But I'm really glad i went here. My elbow feels

Blessed are the people treated by the Devine team. I went in for an adjustment and although I am visiting for a few days the Seattle area they have done such a great job that I have to say months of pain and discomfort are now in A recovery mode. If you are from the Seattle area then fell

I've been a patient at Petett Chiropractic for the last 10 years. I have found Dr. Petett and his staff to be a very skilled and competent team of professionals. They understand your needs and are knowledgeable about the correct form of therapy for your particular situation. They develop short

I have an excellent experience every time I receive treatment at Nelson Chiropractic. Since I started my care in July I no longer have constant pain in my low back and neck all day long. I really enjoy Dr. Nelson's patient care, he is caring and He is genuinely interested in my heath and well

Results speak volumes for Dr. Baker. He has helped me get my nagging headaches under control and for that I am very grateful.

I have gone to over 10 different chiropractors and Dr. Devine is certainly my favorite. I have had very little back pain since I started visiting him and my neck is considerably better. He has a great philosophy about health and wellness and we constantly are discussing ways to improve my diet

By far, Dr. Devine is not only divinely competent, he is also supremely effective in his treatment! In my greatest need for truly immediate, results-oriented care, he not only delivered but he also demonstrated the most genuinely caring and compassionate care I've ever experienced from a chiropractor.

I've been seeing Dr Devine for over 6 years now and he is absolutely the best! As an active triathlete "Jim" not only helps me maintain my flexibility he is MAGIC when it comes to adjusting my occasional acute sports injury's. I never miss a day of working out! He is also a wealth of information

I spent 25 years battling a chronic headache interspersed with traditional migraines and acute confusional migraines. I've been to physicians and neurologists, and have taken a myriad of medications in my quest for relief. I've been seeing Dr. Devine for about 6 weeks now, and I've been pain

Dr. Vevoda is wonderful! She has helped me with long standing neck and shoulder pain that I have had for 20+ years (slouch at the computer all the time). It got so bad that I started getting numbness and tingling into my right arm. I have been to many chiropractors before, but no one that was

Really loved this branch of houk. My brother is mentally disabled and they made him so comfortable that he was able to go to the office on his own afer the first visit which normally he would have had me go with him for quite a few more times.

I have seen a lot of chiropractors over the years, but this doc is different. Dr. Jason is the most competent, caring doctor of chiropractic I have ever seen. I am 72 years old and have chronic problems from a lifetime of golf and running, and Dr. Jason took the time to thoroughly evaluate

I don't like the idea of Chiropractors, but I have seen 5 different ones because of my bad back. Dr. Strehlow was very friendly and helped me more than the other 4 combined.

My family and I are very impressed with Dr. Levine. He's very thorough and caring. I've been going to Chiropractors for many years and I really appreciate the conservative and gentle approach of this chiropractor. There's No high-pressure long term comitments here!

I have had the pleasure (if that's possible) of using Baldwin for the past 2 monts due to a nasty soccer injury. They have not only helped in my recovery,.

Dr Yee listened to what my problems were and adjusted me accordingly. He was friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I have been to other places where they have not been as friendly and have not felt comfortable and have been tense when adjusted. Dr Yee is very good.

You could not ask for a better chiropractor! Dr. Ray has so much compassion for your patients as well as her friends. Over the years Dr. Ray has always made time to fit me in when I am in pain. She understand each persons needs as individuals and does not group her patients into the same catagory

Not only are the doctors at Petett Chiropractic professional and great at what they do, they are incredibly welcoming and nice. The office is a cool.

Dr Dowling has been my physican for my back, neck and spine for over 8 years. I have what has been described by surgeons as the worst spinal xrays they have seen this side of a paratrooper whos' parachute didn't open. In over 40 years of pain with multiple injuries, Dr. Dowling is the only

Can't say enough good about him - his techniques, his manner, his availability. If you've been afraid to go to the chiropractor, he's the one to try. Gentle but effective.

They are very nice, and adjustments are just wonderful!

I love this chiropractor (and I've been to three in the Seattle area). Dr. Banic is a good listener, really knowledgeable, and is good at careful adjustment.

The best chiropractic experience I have ever had! Other chiropractors have wanted to schedule several visits for 1 problem. Dr. Gibbon usually fixes it on 1 visit.

He's a good chiropractor who happens to be community involved. Nice guy, too.

After my auto accident and no pain relief for weeks I went in for a visit. He answered all my questions and got my pain level lowered greatly! Being able to walk around to job my job with out taking narcotics to keep the pain down so I was not in tears.

West Plains Chiro is a fantastic office for chiropractic care and massage therapy. And if you need a great physical therapist, the neighboring Clinic is outstanding (Whitworth Physical Therapy). I have had awesome, awesome exeriences with both and they have worked with me and my home Chiropractor.

I was in a motorcycle accident in 1992 that messed my neck up big time. I finally started getting treatment of sorts in 1997 and I've seen many different.

Dr. Devine has been a major player in fostering overall wellness in my life. He has always been there on a moment's notice during times of acute pain or injury and that says alot since i've been seeing him for a decade. When I was a starving student and could not afford treatments, he worked

He is very Knowledgeable & knows what is best for you. He is a very friendly person. Customer service is First Class by all the staff.

When you need Chiropractic care.go to the best!

Dr Lynna is an excellent choice for quality chiropractic care. She has a great manner and is extremely knowledgeable. Her background treating athletes was.

Dr. Githens seems to be a great chiropractor - my wife and I have been seeing him for about a month now and we're both experiencing much less back pain and.

Stephen Liston help me get back on my feet again. He doesn't use any bells and whistles like heat, massage, or anything fancy but he does get the job done. He's not really in to kids.

I wasn't very comfortable with seeing another chiropractor because I had a bad experience with a previous one. I was referred by a friend that was suffering from pain due to sciatic. After she had been going to WellnessOne her symptoms of sciatic were gone! It's amazing that people can heal

I LOVE this clinic! Now honestly, I haven't seen all of the clinicians there, but of the ones I've seen, they've been great. Dr. Dagenais, in particular, is.

I am a skeptic and not a big fan of doctors or hospitals. It took some convincing from my husband to see a chiropractor for my lower back pain. I started.

Dr. Momyer is a fantastic chiropractor in the fact that he cares deeply for his patients. Dr. Mo uses techniques such as laser therapy and pressure point.

I found out about Millennium through a client who works there. I was a little skeptical because I have been going to chiropractors for years, but never.

Dr. Featherstone and all the staff at Featherstone Chiropractic clinic are very helpful and friendly. I have been going to Dr. Featherstone for over a year now and he specializes in the Activator method which has made my back fell beter and my headaches go away.

Best in Spokane! I have been to a lot of Chiropractors in my life but he is my favorite!

I love, love, love this place. I've been seeing Dr. Ellison since last summer, and every experience has been friendly, professional, and genuine. The staff.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wood's for 15 years. I originally went to see him because I was in an auto accident. I was very happy with the results I had.

Dr. Cameron was very professional and helpfull.

If you looking for a family Dr. this is the place to feel like part of the family. He has been awesome and we have been very happy with the care we receive.The massages are great.Come on in and make yourself at home. Thank you

I first came to this office with headaches I have been suffering from for 8 years. After a few visits I noticed they didn't return. I keep going to improve my health and I have found so much freedom in this lifestyle. My social life and family life has improved now that I don't have these debilitating