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The new office is absolutely beautiful and they offer everything possible to make a person healthy and happy! I went in for both physical therapy and chiropractic, received both, and now I feel amazing. I will definitely keep returning for Dr. Blau, Dr. Brian, and Mike.

I had severe neck and lower back pain when I started going to Dr. Kemp. It was my first chiropractic experience and I was very impressed. I am so much better now. The entire staff was very kind and compassionate. I will be continuing care there for sure.

I'm glad Longo's first on the list cause he is the best chiropractor you could ever find. I guarantee it!

This is the place to go. My friend went for a work injury and went back to work sooner than expected. My boyfriend went for back & neck injury from a car accident, and he went back to work soon afterwards. I also like that they take insurance, credit cards and are open on Saturday mornings.

Matt Gallagher is the best chiropractor I have been to in 17 years for neck and back pain & stiffness, head aches etc. I highly reccommend his services to everyone. The therapies that he uses are unlike anything I have ever experienced and are working like a charm!

Dr Hall seen me within 10 minutes of a phone call and was closed.Very Very nice guy and didnt even want to charge me for the visit. Very rare to have someone really caring about customers.

Dr Fisher is a great helpful,kind and the nicest person.

After having reservations from past visits to another chiropractor, I definitely recommend ProActive. I had accepted consistent migraine headaches and never thought I would go more than a few days without pain. It has been weeks now and what an improvement. Dr. Litwin will explain the many

I was a bit hesitant to see a chiropractor, but am so happy that I went! She is patient, gentle and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

Dr Reidinger is very thorough with his exams and treatments, from the first time he saw me and everything thereafter. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, with wonderful office staff. Dr Reidinger at First Care Chiropractic is the place you want to go.

Dr. Kinga is an amazing Chiropractor. I can't imagine anyone being more caring and compationate than she is. She went out of her way to help my husband - ON HER DAY OFF - to get him treatment when he injured his back. If you need a Chriopractor, I highly recommend Dr. Kinga Ebner!

Dr. Grbich is a very kind and knowledgeable chiropractor. I used to be a skeptic when it came to chiropractics, but he was able to help my lower back problems where others were not.

Dr Fritz is soo knowledgeable. I reccomend coming to him if you are looking for a wealth of information regarding diet, as well as physical health. He listens and cares more than anyone in the medical indutry.

I started seeing Dr Tom after a car accident that left me with a jacked up neck. I went here based on a relative's recommendation. He is very.

I was diagnosed with two disc bulges in my low back. I have been through three shots, pain killers, and muscle relaxers. It worked great when I was taking it, but as soon as I would go off them the pain would come back in a few days. I finally had it and decided to give Dr. James a try after

This is the first time that I have left a chiropractic office without a headache. I will definitely be recommending the office to friends and family. The office staff is very knowledgable and goes out of their way to help. I can't wait for my next appointment!

Excellent Care, Very Thorough, Very Professional. Highly Recommended.

I am very pleased with the treatment I received at RATS. I have had numerous massages and I think I have finally found one that cares about the client. She took great care in my massage. Thanks Dionne.

The first time i went here, i was delighted to find a doctor, that knows what he is doing. Dr. Brosnan is very good and thorough.I didnt have to tell him where the pain was, he knew. Anyone in search of a great chiropractor, search no more!

This is where it all began. The origin of Gonstead chiropractic as we know it. I've been here during my studies as a chiropractor and I must say, this.

I can't say enough about what a great Chiropractor Dr Hall is!

Dr. Burlage is a great chiropractor. He is willing to work you in when you have an emergency. He fixed me with in two days when I had a real neck problem. He is always a joy to see as well!

Highly recomended-very thorough. Very informative and caring. Down to earth personality.Keeps me in perfect working order-and always knows of any physical problems I may be having before I can say anything-amazing!

Caring, professional, and wonderfully gifted, will definitely keep these appointments!

Best Chiropractor in this local area. Fair prices, quality service, dedicated staff.

This office is spectacular. Dr. Bess takes the time to get to know you and even does mini massage work before each adjustment. She does nutritional work, easy exercises, and even adjusts my knees and ankles. Dawn is an excellent massage therapist that works in the office and the two of them

I have gone to Kristi and she gives a fantastic massage.

Dr. Inda is unique. He preps you for your adjustment, adjusts you, and then has you perform relaxation exercises after the treatment. After he finishes with me I have to walk down a couple of flights of stairs to reach heaven.absolutely the best! If you have trouble finding him he moved north

Have knovn about this famous clinic for thirty years. My doctor, Dr. Clinton is great. Treatment is expeditious and successful. One of the clinic's mottos is, find the problem (subluxation), fix the problem (subluxation), then leave it alone.

Dr. Massart is simply awesome! She's the most effective chiropractor I've ever been to!

This place is very friendly. The people there are so nice and talkative. I recommend everyone to go here because they know what they're talking and doing.

Doctor Tom does a lot: Chiropractic, physical therapy and sports therapy. In fact he is now considered a chiropractic specialist, and apparently there are.

Dr Schneider and his step are simply the best there is.

Excellent Chiropractor! Very skilled at solving individual problems and explaining the cause. Gives patient options for self help and better quality of life. Great personality and professionalism!

Really takes time with you and adjusts with enough force but not too much that you feel beat up like others i've been to. Dorothy is great too. Would recommend to anyone!

Top of the line treatment and thats for real. post treatment, that is after your feeling good and back to better than normal, you will want to return just for the atmosphere. i highly recommend GOODYEAR CHIROPRATIC!

Dr. King is always right on with his treatment and care. Even though I now live 3 hours away he will continue to be my chiropractor

With all the Chiropractic Quacks out there claiming to help or saying they know what is wrong with you, it is nice to find a man that not only stands head and shoulders abuve the rest (litterally and figuratively), but someone who doesn't think that his practice is a way to make him rich, or

Hey Dr. Ron ia deep fellow steeped in inner knowlege. There's a possiubility he has more than your everday Healing power. I give Ron my highest recomendatiom also. Contact me if you have any questions. He also hia very intuitive brother that is like the good A rowley or Jack Parsons meaning